Hamar Tribe Bull Jumping Ceremony 2021

hamar tribe bull jumping

The Hamar tribe Bull Jumping Ceremony is an impressive display of courage, skill, and athleticism, the bull jumping ceremony is a centuries-old rite of passage for young men in Hamer tradition. The Hamer are a tribal community living in the Lower Omo Valley of Ethiopia.  The Hamer is one of the most traditional and ancestral villages in Ethiopia. They are an African ethnic group that lives in the south of this country, east of the Omo River, near the border with Kenya. They subsist on agriculture and pastoralism, but they have also added another activity that gives them not only economic wealth but cultural and social …

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Sheger park goes fully operational; it is now open for visitors

sheger park

Will you come to Addis Ababa, the political capital of Africa? If so, never miss to visit the newly opened Sheger Park. Sheger park has now officially laid its welcome mat for local and international visitors, effective March 30, 2021. It was closed due to the spread of COVID-19 just after its inauguration some months ago.  You find Sheger Park in the heart of Addis Ababa, just in front of the Prime Minister’s office, in the center of the capital. Once you find yourself at the Park, you will surely enjoy the multitudes of recreation facilities that comprise cultural centers, …

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Ethiopia Group Tours for 2021 and 2022

ethiopia group tours 2021

Discover our best Ethiopia Group tours for 2021 and 2020. Ethiopia is richly endowed in so many other ways. The only African nation to resist colonization during ‘The Scramble for Africa’ of the 19th century, a proud and lasting heritage awaits the intrepid visitor. To the south lie glorious lakes, idiosyncratically colorful tribal diversity and rich wildlife centers where rarities and unique wildlife are abundant. To the north, the resplendent castles of Abyssinia’s ancient capital, the majestic Blue Nile falls, the rock hewn churches of the Coptic Church which beggar belief and the incomprehensibly vertiginous cliffs and gorges of the …

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Ethiopian Bird watching tour for 2021 and 2022

Ethiopia birding tours 20221

By Nick Acheson Find the best Ethiopia birding tours with Aman Ethiopia Tours. Choose from 4 trips with 11 Days amazing bird watching tours. Book now and save with Aman Ethiopia Tours! Ethiopia is a country like no other. It is Africa – with zebras, gazelles, hippos, and hornbills – and yet different. Its magnificent highlands are home to a wealth of endemic mammals and birds unrivaled in Africa. Ethiopia is where Africa touches the sky. Nowhere in this magnificent country is far from the great mountains which frame the north of the Rift Valley. On account of their isolation and …

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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia in 2021

best places to visit in ethiopia

If you plan your tour in 2021, we give you expert advice to include in your list the below five exotic attractions in Ethiopia – the Land of Origins. 1.      Danakil Depression Dear Customer, if you want to make adventurous travel and visit the hottest place in the world, Danakil Depression is ready to welcome you. The Danakil Depression is found in the Afar region bordering Eritrea. The Depression is one of the lowest places on Earth and also one of the hottest in average yearly temperature. In fact, Danakil is one of the most surreal and harsh places on the planet. It …

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Is it safe to go to Ethiopia right now?

ethiopia travel safe 2021

We would like to assure you that Ethiopia, compared with other African countries, is remarkably safe. Frankly speaking, serious crimes are fortunately rare. Especially, against tourists and travelers crimes are extremely rare. Your travel is also safe in terms of COVID-19. Come and practical experience what travel and tour look like after the global lockdown and months of staying indoors due to COVID-19. Ethiopia is the latest destination to be awarded the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp – the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp – following major steps implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism …

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