Danakil Depression & Lalibela small group tour 2022/2203

Have you ever considered visiting the Danakil Depression or Lalibela with family or friends? Here are a few things you should know about these places as well as how and when to visit.   Danakil Depression Dubbed by some a “gateway to hell”, the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia’s Afar region offers a wonderful sight that resembles scenes from a science fiction movie. The Danakil Depression is a place of active volcanoes spewing lava every now and then offering a dazzling sight to visitors! Itinerary   Your small group tour to the Danakil Depression begins in Semara city, the capital of the …

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Celebrating Timkat: A Unique Ethiopian Festival to Put on Your Bucket List   

Celebrating Timkat

Your previous vacation travels may have taken you to places with exotic religious and cultural festivals. If you want to immerse yourself in one of the most colorful Epiphany celebrations ever, come to Ethiopia!  Epiphany, which is known as ‘Timkat’ in Ethiopia, is celebrated every year to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ in River Jordan. ‘Timkat’, which takes place on the 19th of January (20th of leap years), is a unique festival inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage. Thousands of tourists flock to Ethiopia every year to share this beautiful ancient tradition and take part in street processions with …

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Ethiopia to start the third filling of GERD – Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

the third filling of GERD

Ethiopia will start the third filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in August and September, the dam’s project manager told  Al Arabiya Friday (watch, runtime: 11:37). The filling of the dam is an “automatic process” that cannot be stopped, Kifle Horo told the broadcaster. The Nile, the longest river in the world, is a tremendous natural blessing to Ethiopia and all the countries it flows through. For millennia, the Nile has been a source of water for farming and household consumption in most countries, while it adorned countries like Ethiopia with its natural charm. If you have already …

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The Donga and Ula rituals in the tribal culture of the Mursi and Surma

Donga Mursi

The Mursi tribe may be famous for the lip plates their women wear, their head decorations made of horns, or even the elaborate body painting of the tribe’s men. But the most notorious tradition the Mursi and Surma people are known for is the Donga, a ritual fight between men and the Ula which is the female equivalent of the Donga.  Residing in the villages of the Omo valley, the Mursi and Surma tribes hold the annual Donga ritual right after harvest season. This is when food is abundant and the men are well fed for the fight. The Donga …

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Harar and Awash National Park

Have you ever thought of feeding and befriending a hyena? What could it feel like to get near the ferocious beast with its bone-crushing teeth and short hind legs? A tour across Harar, the walled city in eastern Ethiopia, will give you a daring experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You can travel to Harar by car or fly from Addis Ababa to the nearby Dire Dawa town, and drive for a few hours. Harar is one of the oldest towns in Ethiopia; it is known as a walled city with five gates. As the …

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Car Rental in Ethiopia

Car Rental in Ethiopia

Here is detailed information about Car Rental in Ethiopia. Are you the kind of tourist who enjoys breathtaking landscapes and stunning scenery? If so, Ethiopia is the ideal place for your next sightseeing! This naturally endowed land has one of the most beautiful sceneries, best enjoyed on a cross-country ride. Whether you want a four-wheel-drive for a cross-country ride or an automobile for moving about in cities, there are a number of car rental companies and tour operators in Ethiopia which cater to your taste. Depending on your choice, you can take the keys and drive on your own or …

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